Keep active as Ontario opens up again

Keep up the active transportation you perfected throughout COVID!

(Photo by Florian Schmetz)

Excited to finally… go buy that sweater or pair of pants in person? Rather than driving all the time, think about walking or biking instead. Staying active is so vital to our health — strengthening both our mental and physical well-being. And in a world where we work from home, it’s even more important!

If your destination feels a little far, try combining the route with the public transportation — buses or the LRT. Take transit partway and walk/bike the remainder. Consider walking/biking one way, and the other with transit. Or go as far as you can before hopping on transit.

Want your outing to be happy and fun? It’s a great idea to plan your route, prepare for the weather, bring along some water and a snack.

Before you head out, take a look at some of these!

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