Ottawa Environmental Directory

(1) Environmental Resource Centres & Networks in Ottawa-Gatineau

Local Hubs & Resources

Environmental & Related Networks based in Ottawa

Green / Environmental Social Networking

Green Maps of Ottawa

(2) Environmental Groups & Organizations in Ottawa-Gatineau

Environmental and Peace Groups in Ottawa

Groupes Ecologistes à Gatineau et Outaouais:

Other Ottawa Community & Nonprofit Groups

(3) Environmental Publications and Media based in Ottawa-Gatineau or Eastern Ontario

Environment-related Publications

Independent & Alternative Media (with an interest in environment)

Ottawa Media Links (mass media and various topics)

(4) Green Business in Ottawa and beyond

Mountain Equipment CooperativeGreen Business & Retail in Ottawa:

Second-hand, Used & Rental:

Environmental Industry Associations based in Ottawa:

Greening of Business – links, resources, organizations

(5) Environmental Events, Conferences, Activities in Ottawa and beyond

Annual Green Festivals & Eco-Fairs in Ottawa:

Green and environmental jobs: Environmental Volunteering and Employment in Ottawa and beyond

(7) Food: Local, Sustainable, Organic in Ottawa and beyond

Local Food Sources / Ottawa Area Farms

Vegetable Gardening/farming within Ottawa:

Farmers Markets:

Food Groups and Organizations based in Ottawa

Ottawa Restaurants & Cafés (local, organic, vegan & vegetarian restaurants)

(8) Ottawa Parks, Greenspace & Attractions in Ottawa-Gatineau and area

Ottawa-Gatineau Parks and Greenspace:

Related Groups & Organizations

Eco-Retreats & Outdoor Centres in and near Ottawa

Other Attractions

(9) Ottawa Outdoors

(10) Green Buildings and Neighbourhoods in Ottawa-Gatineau and area

Green Realtors / Green Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Agents in Ottawa:

Green Builders, Designers, Developers & Planners in the Ottawa area:

Eco-Renovation, Restoration & Supplies in Ottawa:

Green/Sustainable Houses and Developments in Ottawa area:

Commercial Green Buildings in Ottawa:

Green Building & Real Estate – More Information:

(11) Sustainable Transportation in Ottawa

(12) Ottawa Environmental Education Environmental, Outdoors & Sustainability Education in Ottawa-Gatineau and area

All Ages, ‘Informal’ & Continuing Education:

Mostly Primary & Secondary Education:


University of Ottawa – University of Ottawa

Carleton University – Carleton University

St. Paul’s University – St. Paul’s University

Algonquin College – Algonquin College

Willis College – Willis College


(See also: Environmental Education Links across Canada (primary, secondary, post-secondary, ongoing) (Other related programs: Political Science, Law, Ethics, Psychology, Sociology, Journalism, Communication)

(13) Government Departments & Agencies environment-related and based in Ottawa-Gatineau / National Capital Region

Municipal Government – environment-related departments and agencies

Government of Ontario

Gouvernement du Quebec

Government of Canada – environment-related departments and agencies based in Ottawa:

Conservation & Stewardship Agencies/Organizations

First Nations / Indigenous Peoples

(14) Environment and Politics in Ottawa and beyond

(15) More Ottawa Links and Information

(16) Environmental Gateways – Other Locations in Canada